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Author Visit

Author Visit

Author visit/book signing at the Batesville Public Library this Tuesday at 3:00. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Paranormal Quote of the Week

“More important, I’d have to figure out whether I was one of the good guys. Whether Ethan was one of the bad guys.”

-Chicagoland Vampires, Chloe Neill

Isn’t that something we are doing everyday? Only the good guys win, right? I know one thing, I don’t think Ethan is one of the good guys, but I’m only halfway through book one of eleven.
Tough decisions.

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YA Authors coming to Memphis!



Paranormal Quote of the Week


That moment when you realize he doesn’t say something to you, not because he is not interested or doesn’t care, but rather that he’s that into you and fears his words may come out wrong. That’s when you know!

Yield Teaser

“Meet who?”

His voice was all it took to rip her from my grasp and do a 360° from the lined path to where he decidedly leaned against one of the trees.  So focused on her, I didn’t see him get by me.  Caydon would not have her no matter how deceptively clever he might be.

Her little gasp didn’t escape my attention.   Nor his.

“Hello.  Are you from here?” she asked leaning back into me after her initial reaction.  Her eyes said one thing, while her emotions went haywire.  She flushed and went into a state of fear at the same time.  She patted her hair down like she could possibly not look as amazing as she did all the time.  If it was for him, it was all kinds of jacked up that she would do that then.

“Yes, this is my realm.”

With this, she glanced sideways for my appraisal of what to do next.  About time. 

“This is Caydon.”  His arrogance wasn’t hidden in the way he smiled at her knowingly.


“Oh, I know who you are Emma, or rather Jem Loggin, high princess of the realm for which I am honored to belong to.”

He friggin’ bowed and walk forward enough he was directly in front of her.  Out of the shadows, I had two inches height on him and could lift double.  He was a pansy and he knew I could make him feel pain.

She did her little gasp again when Caydon knew who she was. 

“Are we…related?” she asked him.

He bellowed a laugh.  “Ames wishes it beyond anything, but no.  You are one of a kind, Jem.”

“I prefer to be called Emma.”  I saw her switch her feet back and forth.

“Emma.”  He took her hand and pulled it to his mouth.  He pulled some kind of Rico Suave moves on her and she ate it up.  “I would be honored if you’d accompany me into the realm to meet some others.”

She flipped her whole body back in my direction.  Now?  Finally. 

“Should we go with him?” Her bottom lip disappeared under her top teeth.

That’s a huge dang NO!  “I’m not sure we can avoid it any longer.”

YIELD releases tomorrow

YIELD releases tomorrow

Yield, Book 2 of Goblin’s Kiss, releases tomorrow. Find out the exciting conclusion to Ames and Emma’s future and whether she will become queen or meet the same future her mother and others before her did.

Paranormal Quote of the Week

Paranormal Quote of the Week

Not PARA but I loved this!

FREE copy of Denial today only

FREE copy of Denial today only

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