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Teaser for Siphon-Releases in December

I thought about him in class all morning. I’d been told that many of our kind searched out ones
like me and never for good purposes. And while the guy did walk away from me, even as if disgust with me also, I felt a certain draw…to know more. He was like Ganconer, the Celtic demon lover. He took from others their years, but did that dark seducing face affect all the ladies liked just as I had. That could be his secret that made him so spited. Or so I wanted to believe. I’d just have to watch him and see if he takes from just females, men, old, or young. The fact that he was taking directly in front of me through me off. I’d angered so fast I had to force myself not to hit him. His half knowing look made me believe he could read me too. That worried me more.
Jason said there were enemies to hide my abilities from. I bit back the words of what I’d do if he tried to take me or hurt me in any way all because of my own stupidity.
Ganconer was a “love talker” of sorts if I remember right. He would become the face you wanted to see and then take your “essence” so to speak. Then he left you dry and good for death. Yes, he was trying to become human again since the Faerie Queen ensnared him to the shadows. Good luck with that!
I knew this boy would never ensnare me.

Classic Fiction

Reading classic fiction, whether fantasy or realistic, is a key lesson in life.  If a single phrase from a book lingers in the mind after it’s over, the book has made an imprint on the future.  Most lovers of classic fiction can name that one underlying quote from their favorites.  Can you?

Freebie- The real story of Peter, Peter- the nursery rhyme

Freebie- The read story of Peter, Peter- the nursery rhyme

Peter, Peter

Peter, Peter, pumpkin-eater,
Had a wife, and couldn’t keep her;
He put her in a pumpkin shell,
And there he kept her very well.

Preposterous! That’s what I said to him when he locked me up in here. But I went nonetheless.
You see, my husband is a…were-animal. He changes on the full moon into various animals and hunts for hours on end. Lovely.
So while he is out there doing who knows what, I am locked inside the silver bullet. Well not really a bullet, more like a pumpkin. Yes, a gourd-shaped shell of a home for me, oh little me.
So now, it’s almost morning and my sweet man will come through that door…when I let him.
Knock! Knock!
Here he is?
The daylight peeked through the door. I saw his very normal human hands slip onto the doorknob signaling for me to do my ritual jumping on him and cleaning him up. He would say his ritual words of how I was his perfection masterpiece and all the other pretty words he showered me with.
His broad shoulders were bared with the absence of his green shirt that he left in the night before. I was used to it. Besides, my husband is gorgeous. His bright iridescent eyes smiled along with his perfect lips.
His jet black hair was a mess, all mused up in every direction.
Yeah, like I said. He is gorgeous.
“Hey babe,” Peter’s deepened timbre purred the words.
“Hey honey,” I sounded too perky. I missed him.
He kissed my cheek and headed straight for the bathroom like he always did. I went back to the sofa…and waited.
Twenty minutes later, Prince Charming emerged.
The warm, earthy smell that was all Peter overwhelmed me. His deep, sultry smile hit his lips when he saw my dropped jaw. A chuckle elapsed from his no doubt still warm lips. And all thoughts of him being on four legs and with fleas left my mind.
He sat beside me and put an arm around my shoulder. I snuggled in close and dared the question I wanted answered.
“After all this time I have never asked, but what happens when you are gone from me.”
Peter shifted only slightly. He moved my chestnut brown length of hair to curve around my neck and bent to kiss the side of my neck where he could reach. I helped him by leaning into him. Would he tell me?
“Celeste, I will not fill your mind with horror stories.”
I relaxed despite the avoidance. “Will you ever tell me?”
“Hopefully not,” he snorted.
“Are there girl creatures out there when you are alone?” I finally asked the burning low in the pit of my stomach question.
He grunted. “Celeste. You are so feisty sometimes. No. There are no females of my kind anywhere near or any other creature. If they were, they wouldn’t hold a candle to you. All I see at night are prey and I’m the…”
He didn’t say it, but I knew what he was about to say.
“Okay!” I could survive, for now.
We snuggled even closer and before the day drifted completely away, we went into town to grab steaks for dinner. Yes, my man eats lots of meat. Just saying.
The days went by. Weeks. Another full moon. The routine the same.
I was happy.
But I knew Peter needed more. He wanted someone to understand.
Then it happened. They came.
The three of them were menacing and hot and
All males and all creatures.

To read more, download Mary Never Had a Lamb, She Was the Lamb on Amazon for just 99c.

Stalking Borianna Peep – Fantasy Short story – Werewolves, Paranormal, Fairy – Booksie

Stalking Borianna Peep – Fantasy Short story – Werewolves, Paranormal, Fairy – Booksie.

Things that make you go hmm….

During a bird rescue performance yesterday I learned that the brain of an owl takes up less than 25% of its brain.  So…that age old phrase, “wise as an owl” isn’t so much of a compliment. 

Read for the Record Day Oct. 3

Get Ready to Read for the Record

By Seira Wilson on blog

OtisIt’s that time again–Read for the Record is only a couple weeks away on October 3.  If you’re new to this, the idea is to bring together millions of people who support children’s literacy and education with a day of everyone reading the same book to or with a child.  This year the book is Loren Long’s sweet and gorgeously illustrated picture book, Otis,about little tractor with a big heart and a lot of determination.

In 2012 2.3 million people(!) participated in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record day, a number that has grown considerably every year since the event started in 2006, reading The Little Engine that Could.

Stressed out! Read it out!

Sometimes our life gets bogged down with…well LIFE!  This week I worked and worked and worked.  I haven’t finished a novel in six days and the effects are showing. Since I am a heavy reader, I de-stress most days with reading my latest favorite download.  Now that it is Friday, my mind relaxed enough to notice I haven’t taken time to have ME time.  

Cast yourself into your favorite fantasy world, biography, historical fiction, or whatever floats your boat.  Reading can force your brain to relax from the everyday grind.  This University of Minnesota Center of Spirituality and Healing article gives a few pointers on getting yourself back on track to a healthy you.  Take a look!

Paranormal Quote of the Week

Paranormal Quote of the Week

No joke…I am dressing up as Glitter Girl this Halloween!


Paranormal Quote of the Week

Paranormal Quote of the Week

Creativity is grand!