Teaser for Siphon-Releases in December

I thought about him in class all morning. I’d been told that many of our kind searched out ones
like me and never for good purposes. And while the guy did walk away from me, even as if disgust with me also, I felt a certain draw…to know more. He was like Ganconer, the Celtic demon lover. He took from others their years, but did that dark seducing face affect all the ladies liked just as I had. That could be his secret that made him so spited. Or so I wanted to believe. I’d just have to watch him and see if he takes from just females, men, old, or young. The fact that he was taking directly in front of me through me off. I’d angered so fast I had to force myself not to hit him. His half knowing look made me believe he could read me too. That worried me more.
Jason said there were enemies to hide my abilities from. I bit back the words of what I’d do if he tried to take me or hurt me in any way all because of my own stupidity.
Ganconer was a “love talker” of sorts if I remember right. He would become the face you wanted to see and then take your “essence” so to speak. Then he left you dry and good for death. Yes, he was trying to become human again since the Faerie Queen ensnared him to the shadows. Good luck with that!
I knew this boy would never ensnare me.

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