Jane Austen Covers for the YA community of today!



2009 covers for Austen Novels.

  The covers appeal to the young adult eyes and bring forth the idea of young people enjoying the classics like never before.  Media has the power to make old stories new again.  Just as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in “Pride and Prejudice” have long entertained us with the idea of love crossing class barriers among societies, it is not a new idea.  But the covers will allow our young people to delve into another time where their stories are similar to their own.  Whatever the story message, the proverbial issues connect across time.  

Emma meddles in other’s happiness just as many girls plan out blind dates for their friends today.  Romeo and Juliet both neglect to communicate their thoughts and ideas to one another and therefore end in demise before they could both work together to solve the problem.  Connecting classics to today’s issues are what young people need to see they are not alone.  That learning about old stories isn’t just a classroom lecture, but a way to feel that their thoughts and ideas are not unimportant or new to the world.  

Read the classics.  They tell stories that we already live everyday.  

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