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Wolf Clans Teaser Quote

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His chuckle diminished, “You are my alpha, Laylana. You have been for years.”

“Yeah. You could’ve told me.”

“I didn’t know if you would be mine. I hoped. As a male, I had to wait till you were eighteen. Remember?”

Yes. Layla knew it well. It’s the law of the alpha.

Arrow Clan Teaser

arrow cover

“Go open a window,” Myra shoved her hand in the air towards the far wall hoping he’d comply.   The room stunk. Her bow shifted and fell behind her back after making the mistake of looking his way when she gave the order. His wicked eyes and inviting mouth were making her warm.


She almost loved his confusion. It rarely showed on his face. “Maybe your intelligence will fly back in and join us in the real action.”

He smirked in a not nice kind of way. “You know, talking like that might not fair well for you at the moment,” he threatened.

“Oh, why is that?” Myra challenged feeling good about her dig on him and what it got her. It helped to cool the temperature in her head as well.

Slowly his words formed while coolly aimed her direction, “Because it might get results you’ve repeatedly mentioned you’re not interested in. With me.”

Myra’s joy at having one up on him diminished. She knew right then why her sharp tongue always brought that look in his eye. It wasn’t hate by a long shot.

She huffed out with spite.

“You’ll change your mind.” They weren’t allowed to choose their mates.


Love is a magic all its own


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Villain quote of the week


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Neither. I call this the pre-party to Hell freezing over: winter in Illinois.

In polite company, though, I generally use fall; I find it’s more descriptive. I mean, the temperatures fall, the leaves fall, the light falls, and my spirits, oy, they don’t fall so much as plummet. They rain down like space junk — aaaaaaaaaaahsplat.

Poets and lyricists, however, they prefer autumn. It sounds more romantic, more poetic than plain, old fall. But what, I ask, is romantic about a season defined as “a period of maturity verging on decline” by the American Heritage Dictionary (Fourth Edition)? That sounds more like a sell-by-date than something belonging in verse.

Autumn, I’m sure, would be more popular if it was followed by the delight that is spring. You know, if nature’s cycle went spring, summer, fall, and then right back to spring again. But where’s winter, you wonder? The Arctic Circle…

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Arrow Moon, Wolf Clans New Book Release

arrow cover

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

The Arrow clans descended from legends surrounding that of the grey wolves of the Americas in association with the people at the turn of the century when humans evolved over from Northern Europe. It was the age of the warmest climates known to hit the land, as well as Apollo and his need for the animal nature that all gods share. Appointed the animal of his choice, the lycan wolf symbolized strength and power.

Inside these archived stories is the discovery that love and war, hate and power, laughter and sadness all follow the best of us in life. The Sword Lycan Clan resides in the northern part of the Americas and holds pride in that the opposing forces are tamed to a minimal, meaning vampires. The Arrow Lycan Clan is headquartered in the southern corner of the Carolinas. Stationed all over the deep south, the Arrow lycan clans maintain order among the supernatural world and its borders. At one time, human witches were their enemies. They have learned to live in silent protest to one another’s existence though very often, ignored, and left to die at the hand of another.

Vampires, at present, are the only danger to the human and lycan races. History had them servants to vampires before the bloodlust turned to something savage and less human. That was nearly a decade ago.