Arrow Clan Teaser

arrow cover

“Go open a window,” Myra shoved her hand in the air towards the far wall hoping he’d comply.   The room stunk. Her bow shifted and fell behind her back after making the mistake of looking his way when she gave the order. His wicked eyes and inviting mouth were making her warm.


She almost loved his confusion. It rarely showed on his face. “Maybe your intelligence will fly back in and join us in the real action.”

He smirked in a not nice kind of way. “You know, talking like that might not fair well for you at the moment,” he threatened.

“Oh, why is that?” Myra challenged feeling good about her dig on him and what it got her. It helped to cool the temperature in her head as well.

Slowly his words formed while coolly aimed her direction, “Because it might get results you’ve repeatedly mentioned you’re not interested in. With me.”

Myra’s joy at having one up on him diminished. She knew right then why her sharp tongue always brought that look in his eye. It wasn’t hate by a long shot.

She huffed out with spite.

“You’ll change your mind.” They weren’t allowed to choose their mates.

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