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VAMPIRE X series

Vampire X poster

Vampire X  Series

Seven clubs. Seven vampires.  Seven ways to die.  Demons lurk in the best of men, the worst of men.  Will they find peace with the life they were given or lose their souls forever?  Can finding love make a man keep his soul from the darkest shadows of his own mind?

Villain Quote of the Week




SIPHON Chronicles Book Two STOLEN Releases 2014

Siphon book 1


“You’ve lived with a lot of secrets.”

She put her hand across mine for which stretched across my right thigh, “So have you apparently. They don’t talk nicely of you, yet you’re nothing like they say.”

“Why did you kiss me that day if you know so much about me?”

Her cheeks turned red. “I have been lied to so much, I tend to not believe much. Even now I admit I know your lying to me about why you’re here, but here I sit. It may be dangerous to be near you and it might be my downfall, but you are the answer to secrets I’ve never known. It’s worth the risk.”

IT’S worth the risk. “But not me.”

Great mini series for fairy tale lovers


STOLEN cover reveal


STOLEN cover Reveal

Book Two of the Siphon Series releases in two weeks.

Paranormal quote of the week


Paranormal quote of the week