Vampire X- Vampire Thy Betrayed


“Whatever circles you hang don’t know many like me. Where I’m from, we can do many things very, very well in the dark of night. Like aiming well.” Allison cocked her knee up and swung backward knowing the exact place on this man to aim. His voice told her his height and where to position the heel of her boot. To her surprise, he was gone from the spot. Dang! She thought.

Allison is a very daring name for the princess of thieves. Suppose she might make a man flee. For she spells danger in every curve. I wonder if she understands whatWHO she has uncovered?”

Singsong and tough didn’t sound as if they mesh, but with this man, no one would mess with his rhyming schemes.

“How—“ she stopped herself. No! He wouldn’t get the best of her. A game he wants, a game he gets. “Jacoby Millson sounds like a sore prince who lost his kingdom and brings forth his arrogance and righteous attitude to even his enemies.”

“How right you might be,” he “tutted” like before with his tongue against his teeth.   “Why are you here?” he asked.

“I told you already.”

“But that would make you either a spy or a thief and I don’t know yet what to do with you.”

“Try neither. And you have yet to do anything I couldn’t thwart. It would behoove you to move out of my way.” Allison readied her small unregulated unallowable dagger set to push straight into the meat of his thigh the second he stepped closer.


“Dictionaries come in those boxes too? You can go look for one. I promise to wait here.” An undefined smile caught at the corner of her mouth. He could probably see it easy enough. If he weren’t behind her she have the advantage, but seeing in the dark is a tricky business when nothing is moving. At least for her.

“It would behoove you to find another place to scope out. I’m not a diamond dealer. I don’t know why you are here, but it isn’t safe.”

“Don’t pretend to act like you are being noble and allowing me to walk away clean.   Your games bore me. You spent the night in here waiting on me. I want to know why. What are you hiding, Mr. Millson?”

Not a sound returned for more than two minutes. In response, Allison moved like the turtle to his hare speed. The only distance she made, a row over, made her weary of where he might be now. Her back was still away from where his last spoken word came from, but this is a Vampire.

Two arms grabbed her from behind and held her dagger to her waist as a breath of fire hit her neck. The psychopathic vampire had the strength of a god. Who knows, maybe vampires were made from gods. Wriggling her arms away was futile. He had her trapped. Not one crappy gangster or burglar from her four years in the thief hunting business had the sense enough to find her in a dark room much less a well lighted one she couldn’t play dumb blonde in. Just as she thought she might try kicking backward again he whispered with his lips touching her ear, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

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