Sneak Peek into Stolen, book two of the Siphon Chronicles


Daniel had it wrong and realized it now. It isn’t just a girl thing. Before I could ask, Jason was pulling me up and kissing me. At first, his aggressiveness scared me. But I realized he was trying to prove something to either me or himself. It was a great kiss. He knew exactly what he was doing without a doubt. A year ago, he’d have made my head spin. But with this, I knew how much I needed Daniel. His kisses told me things too. And unfortunately, kissing another taught me exactly what Jason’s lack. And Foster’s. And what magic was missing from the absence of the song. Somehow, I didn’t take a year. I think it might be because I was so focused on ending it so many enlightenments into the way my song worked lately had me wondering if I’d done it wrong all these years.

“Jason. Are you a sylph?” The curve of his lip told all. I wanted to curse aloud but forced the distance between us even more than sitting across the room. He didn’t look composed yet. “You are!”

“Assumptions. Our parents found it fun to try new things, I guess.”

“But why did they think it’s only female oriented? What if there is another one? Or even a guy?”

“What are you saying, Lark. That you think you are not the only one?”

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