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KARMA…I’m just saying I think it would be nice to stand up at some award ceremony somewhere, somehow and list all the thanks to KARMA for the times it followed through.

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Paranormal Quote of the Week

"You work in a lab! So you're some kind of scientist?"

Comics are the best.  This one side steps a bit of Frankenstein and makes me think of so many ditzy female main characters in the paranormal romances (Bella) that jump at the manflesh before they really investigate where that flesh (or mix thereof) might have been.

Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Quotes

10 Rare But Useful Words Everyone Should Know

Is there a word for that? Here are ten of the best useful rare words in the English language

Ever caught yourself thinking, ‘There should be a word for that. Is there a word for that?’ We’re here to help. In this new post, we’ve gathered up ten useful words which should be better known, but aren’t. Many of them, of course, have literary origins or histories, which we’ll mention and discuss as we go.

UHTCEARE: This highly useful word means ‘lying awake before dawn worrying’. It appears in the Anglo-Saxon poem ‘The Wife’s Lament’, and has recently become more widely known thanks to Mark Forsyth, who includes it in his book The Horologicon.

QUAKE-BUTTOCK: This is another term for a coward, and appears in the plays of seventeenth-century playwrights Beaumont and Fletcher. We reckon it should be revived.

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New Books! 4/14/15

Siphon Chronicles Sneak Peek- What if you couldn’t stop yourself for stealing another’s life?

Siphon Cover

“You’ve lived with a lot of secrets.”

Lark put her hand across mine for which stretched across my right thigh, “So have you apparently. They don’t talk nicely of you, yet you’re nothing like they say.”

“Why did you kiss me that day if you know so much about me?”

Her cheeks turned red, the color the sky looks when you’re driving across country towards the setting sun. “I have been lied to so much, I tend to not believe much. Even now I admit I know your lying to me about why you’re here, but here I sit. It may be dangerous to be near you and it might be my downfall, but you are the answer to secrets I’ve never known. It’s worth the risk.”

IT’S worth the risk. “But not me.”

IT’S worth the risk. “But not me.”

New Book Coming Soon to the Vampire X Series

Vampire by Night cover

Good night.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the vampires bite.

Elissa spent the last three lifetimes running from men, living” la vita loco”, and creating havoc wherever she could.  Now, she was on a mission to protect a friend, with a side mission of seeing the lone vampire she’d heard so much about.  Her fellow jinn, Darcy, hooked up with a vampire and ran away with him only after she herself searched him out, not the other way around.

Mark was the same.  No goals for the future other than run the club, hide in the club, and stay alone in the club.  Before that, he was a nuisance on society.

Life was out of balance for the both of them and it would take one or the other stepping in the headlights for the two to see a future worth holding on to–each other.

Paranormal Quote of the Week

A little Darcy mixed with some mischief not very well managed for your morning.