Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Nerdiest of Them All?


Eleventh Stack

I wonder if Einstein knew his image would be everywhere. I wonder if Einstein knew his image would be everywhere.

Or, if a being travels at the speed of light and looks in the mirror, what will he see*?

It will come as no surprise to readers of a library blog, that people who work in libraries are nerds and darn proud of it. I would postulate further that if you are reading a library blog post, there is a high degree of probability that you, dear reader, are a proud nerd as well. I will define a nerd as someone who is a collector of knowledge and an active seeker of satisfying that intellectual itch.

My favorite thing about libraries is that materials for satisfying your curiosity are readily available and free.

My current obsession is particle physics and quantum mechanics (oh, I see your eyes rolling right now.) I mentioned this to a fellow music librarian, and he…

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