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Treat yourself this Mother’s Day!

VampXThe Beg Vampire X series

Drake quote book 1

Drake quote1 Drake

Paranormal Quote of the Week

all book characters go to heaven

Books and Pixie Dust 


Paranormal Quote of the Week

Tribute to Maze Runner.  Just reread Scorch Trials for the upcoming movie.


Paranormal Quote of the Week


Okay, so this is from Alice in Zombieland by G.S. and is paranormal in theory.  This is me so much I had to send it out.  Enjoy.

Paranormal Quote of the Week

1 DrakeDrake quote book 1

Paranormal Quote of the Week

1 Drake Drake quote

Vampire X: The Collection Release

VampXThe Beg

Eternity means loneliness.  At least that’s the accepting factor the men of the X Crew face.  The vampire population of Dallas is growing.  To most humans, the world of the supernatural do not exist but they are there, living among them, trying to survive like the rest.  Forced to live lives of seclusion, the group that calls themselves the X crew found solace in private businesses all over Dallas.  Follow their adventures in first love, lost love, and the idea that true love is worth fighting for…even the immortal.