Top 6 things I’ve learned from parenting that have made me a better writer

Books are Delicious!

10245372_10202745628136331_5267228039027347290_nI’m a writer, nerd, horror addict, and devourer of books (burp!). I’m also a mom and the challenges of parenting have shaped the way I view everything—even writing. That’s not to say my stories are my babies, they’re not, but the thick-skin I’ve developed raising my son has certainly given me a new perspective. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate and if not, let me save you the trouble of housing another person in your body rent-free for nine months by sharing the top six (because top fives are sooo last season) things I’ve learned from parenting that have made me a better writer.

  1. There will be sleepless nights. Oh yes, there will be: You never know when your next inspiration will hit, but when it does you need to stop what you’re doing and write that shit down. Think of it like a crying baby, stories…

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