It’s good to be bad


Everyone likes a bad guy, from Darth Vader to Gargamel, a decent villain always out shines the goody goody lead.

We all have our arch villain favs we love to hate, and here are the ones that have had an effect on me over the years.

Kain- Blood omen legacy of kain.

Kain is the anti Edward, pale pouty teen  heart throb he is not. This father to the vamps of Nosgoth, Kain has hacked slashed and drained his way across time and space to pursue his dreams of total domination of his world.

As with most antagonist however he creates his own nemesis in the form of his ex lieutenants Raziel, this upstart had the audacity to out evolve his master by growing wings, Kain, not to be one upped by anyone tore said wings off and had him thrown into the nearest vortex. Raz over reacted by becoming an eater of souls with the mission to slay…

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