Pride or Prejudice? Spike vs. Angel

How to Fangirl

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a vampire not in possession of a soul must (at some time in his life) be in want of one. Whether this vampire is blonde or brunette does not matter. Neither does his date of “birth”. All that matters is that he is soulless and therefore damned. Now, if you have ever seen Buffy or Angel, then you know I am referencing Angel and Spike. You surely have taken a side and chosen the vampire you would back during an apocalypse. If you haven’t, you are not a true fan. There can be no room for both.


(Because Leah is WAY too biased to be fair -don’t get me wrong, we’re both Team Spike but she’s also on Team Stake Angel and she hasn’t even watched Angel, I’ll be tackling most of this with her input of course.)

The best way…

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