Zombie book read!

momument 14

Okay, not okay by my standards for my teen readers. Plot is fabulous, ideas great.  Dystopian society where, as always, our government screwed up some of their own experiments and BAM, we have a zombiefied nation of the brain eaters and the trying to get away from the brain eaters while trying to solve the problem.

Best part of the book11stuck in a would be (Target) and the rest of the world out there.  A dream come true for many teens.

If a zombie reader fan, will love, if….if you are okay with the rather creepy explicit scene with young teens smack in the middle (pg. 150) where peeping toms and inappropriate actions (by teens) take place among a book that was going just fine without it.  Would have been one of my recommends if that scene had been left out.  Can’t put it on the shelf for that reason.  😦

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  1. Ah, I love a good zombie story.

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