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Free this Friday and Saturday-Vampires, Valkyries, and Werewolves, oh my!

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Anastacia, or Stace, was marked from birth belonging to the Goddess Anat. Her mother launched a balanced plan to create five who would change the tides of the ongoing disputes among the supernatural factions trying to survive in a human world. A prophecy was created to unite them into peace and Stace has to believe she is the one to do that. And what happens when you’re the last to know?

Stace has spent her entire life as the Valkyrie faction court princess. Now sent into a den of Hunter lions by her own father, her goal is find the one who took her twin brother, the heir to her own court. Her obstacles seem few, but there are other cloak-and-dagger factors at work.

Motherless since birth, no one to turn to, resolved to have answers, Stace accepts a Hunter’s aid. Stace’s brother is kept in what they thought was an abandoned warehouse, but soon finds out that the greater the plot thickens, there are more secrets around every corner. It’s guarded by the very Hunters she is now putting her trust in, her own father’s court, and the rumored heartless, evil plotted Vampire faction. Once she has the information she needs, she planned to leave the Hunters and begin a rescue mission, but that doesn’t even come close to the bigger plan she knows nothing about. She didn’t count on Calum Green getting in the way, nor making friends for the first time in her life with supposed enemy strangers who never hesitate to help her in her darkest moments.

And…others are marked like her. A prophecy that holds answers but no advice. What does it all mean? Weres? Vampires? She’s heard of their retributions if crossed the wrong way. Can she conquer this mission or just end up just playing out the fantasy prophecy she doesn’t understand anyway? Or will she uncover the greatest conspiracy the factions have ever held? And no human chose.


Thanks for having me.  Sleep will come soon, but not before you get one last word in.

Post what you feel is the most left out paranormal “creature” of all of our mystical magical fantasies.  I recently took on the writing of genies/jinn/djinn.  What are we neglecting ladies?

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And the Most Sarcastic Award goes to….

Post your nominee and award to the “Most Sarcastic” character of any book.  My pick goes to Cole of Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter.  He “quacks” me up and leaves me panting.

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Siphon Series-Sucking the Life Right Out of You!

Sucking the Life Right out of You!

The Siphon series is a convoluted paranormal take on the idea that humans messed with the makeup and altered a small insignificant group into something unnatural–not vampires.  Based on the old tales of how a few tuberculous victims tried to save their families in the late 1800’s with digging up their dead and….

you’ll have to read to find out!  Enjoy the rest of your hump day night.  It is not long till midnight you night owls.  

Siphon Cover Stolen book cover

Book Three is scheduled for release in 2016.

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Another paranormal romance release…

Hello and thank you all for being here! Vampire X is an adult paranormal fantasy  mystery, adventure, magic, and romance.  I would love to send out a free ebook copy to anyone who posts here their favorite “TYPE” of vampire hottie personality.  Anything goes.

Vampire X series is an collection of short stories to make your night sizzle.  Check out Jinn Beloved to see more of your favorite characters.

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Author of Fey Court Trilogy

Hello.  Let me introduce myself.  I am the author of Fey Court Trilogy and other paranormal romance series. Hope your hump day is ending with a bang.

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Google Classroom… a few little tips.

Google Classroom… a few little tips..

Zombie obsession- Couldn’t help myself.


If you haven’t played it, don’t!  It’s as obsessive as reading zombie books. But I love, love the letters the best.


Zombie quotes of the week. Humans are the monsters.


Last day for Goblin’s Kiss FREE on Amazon

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