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Jinn Bejeweled

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Jinn Forever series is a branch off of the Vampire X:

(Jinn Forever)  Spin back into the world of the characters you love from Vampire X as they reappear inside the world of the jinn.  As the two worlds collide, more opportunities for the supernatural world unite to live among the world of humans and even perhaps one day may live in one accord.


Never offer to be a slave to otherworldly creatures that turn out to be vicious tricksters.

Never marry a stranger…even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal jinn who only wants your body, but not for anything wonderful like desire, but rather so he can take the form of a human and wreak havoc on the earth while you’re locked away in his love haven prison. 

And most importantly…never turn your back on the spirit form of a jinn, also known in many circles as a demon, when you’re hiding a magical pendant in your pocket that calls up his current residence. 

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