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Siphon is free tomorrow on Amazon-Latch onto it—it will suck the life right out of you!

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Fine line between love and hate! Ian’s POV in the Fey Court Trilogy! Free this week on Amazon!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all those who cook it FOR me! November Fun #18

I haven’t cooked one yet and hope I never have too!  If it comes to that, calling for take out!

FREE this Friday with a Sneak Peek below-Siphon! What if you couldn’t stop yourself for stealing another’s life?

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“You’ve lived with a lot of secrets.”

Lark put her hand across mine for which stretched across my right thigh, “So have you apparently. They don’t talk nicely of you, yet you’re nothing like they say.”

“Why did you kiss me that day if you knew so much about me?”

Her cheeks turned red, the color the sky looks when you’re driving across country towards the setting sun. “I have been lied to so much, I tend to not believe much. Even now I admit I know your lying to me about why you’re here, but here I sit. It may be dangerous to be near you and it might be my downfall, but you are the answer to secrets I’ve never known. It’s worth the risk.”

IT’S worth the risk. “But not me.”

Thankful for deadlines! YES, you heard me right! November Fun #17

Without deadlines, I’d still be on vacation.  WHAT???  Someone’s confused!

Siphon Series-Book One free this Friday! Sucking the Life Right OUT!

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Amazon link: Siphon Chronicles

“Repeat thee and lose thee. Sing thee and lose thee.” These are the words that have plagued Lark’s dreams for as long as she can remember, but what do they mean?

Seventeen year old Lark Spur has seen odd things her entire life. She siphons the years from those who are dying, but would rather be rid of such a distasteful magic.
At a young age she realized the peculiar happenings when she would visit her deaf grandmother in the nursing home. Noting that they were associated with her and the other residents, she started to write things down, make notes. The victims even thanked her for lessening their pain on several occasions.
That is, until Dane came to town. Dane’s unsettling stare holding the amused smirk on his face only makes her wonder if he knows…her secret. Every day, he watches her. When he started popping up in places other than school, her fear rose beyond just possible boy stalker.
And worse, when she learns his true identity, she finds he is trouble and 100% part of the same circle of creatures she belongs too. And worse, he is not there to help her, but to take her away. Lark despises him and his hold on the secrets to who she really is. Yes, she had heard of him for years, but she was told to stay far away from him. She tried even now. It didn’t work.

Dane Crawford knows his place. It’s with the Siphon Council which he will soon have a place beside his father, the leader. He has worked hard to get to this level no matter what opposing belief systems he held to his father.
Sent to bring in one of their own, Dane didn’t foresee who, or what she would soon do to change the course of his life forever. She is the one his father has been searching for. The one he fears more than any other siphon.

Siphon Series-Sucking the Life Right out of you!

Sucking the Life Right out of You!

The Siphon series is a convoluted paranormal take on the idea that humans messed with the makeup and altered a small insignificant group into something unnatural–not vampires.  Based on the old tales of how a few tuberculous victims tried to save their families in the late 1800’s with digging up their dead and….

you’ll have to read to find out!  Enjoy the rest of your hump day night.  It is not long till midnight you night owls.  

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Book Three is scheduled for release in 2016.  Book One Free on Nov. 20th-ALL DAY!

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Self Esteem! It means everything. Thank WHOEVER for making me ME! #16

Thanks for not my passions, mom! Love you. #15

November Fun # 14 Defining THANKFUL!