Deception-Fey Court Trilogy – Its origin!

 When I visit libraries and book events, people ask me all the time what ideas spark my imagination. If I were to trace the origin of Deception back to its beginning, these are the five things I would list: the woods, sunlight and stardust, a girl who thinks she isn’t perfect BUT IS, and the perfect prince BUT ISN’T. 

Are myths really myths? What would happen if a life-sized fey (fairy) met a human and fell in love? They would create a child fit to be queen of two worlds, but sometimes one must chose a path. The one less travelled by. 

The characters created in The Fey Court Trilogy are all based on teens and their anxieties in life, yet set in an imaginary world where present day and yesterday collide with one or the other being a choice to be made. Real issues, real people, but as I prefer, in a happily ever after kind of world. Though the ending may not be so “happily ever after” for all the characters, it creates real world scenarios teens face all the time with a sixteenth century feel for sovereignty over the land of creatures involved in the story.  

Ian, Grace, and Kin are all characters to love and hate at one time or another in the story. Their choices and actions go along with the fickle and ever-changing ways of teenagers in any time in history, but take on a historical system of teens (with little experince to offer) in charge. Mistakes and celebrations and joy and pain come to all in life, no natter the fairy tale. I hope my readers will enjoy them as I do. 

Cyndi Goodgame


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Cyndi Goodgame is a young adult author. Check out her books on Amazon and other book sellers.

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