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It was a dark and stormy night…” Advice for your next read.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could read one that starts like this. So simple, so apt to draw you in enough that you will delve in far enough to find the scare or the mystery. Most of us had at least one book like this as a child, but there are many of us who had dozens like this. My heart jumps just imagining the ideas. e1e8a1150cd87c09c22e30cec6d887ac.jpg


Ahh! Good book advice to all!


Just a WORDY reminder that ye who reads the screen might just be labeled.


Totally true…who does that? Not anyone I know. Thankfully!


Book Thief advice


Twain advice. Books that tell us life advice.


Yes, dear Sherlock, for ye are wise! Advice from books.


So true, Harper Lee. Human perfectability, says Austen. We so often have blinders on to what is truly before us!!!!!


We can’t have control of EVERYTHING in life. Quotes from books that give us everyday advice.


More Austen quotatistic advice. This is to the men…when she speaks of you like this, you have her in your pocket. This book is agony in itself for you the reader. Why?…

Because from the very start you feel the pain of both lovers torn apart by listening to others (WHO WERE WRONG, by the way) getting in the way of true love. Maybe it was destiny to be apart for so long (for these two) but you as a reader will side with them till the last page.