Monthly Archives: August 2018

Love…loveMary F. Pearson’s books. Looking forward to reading Dance of Thieves. Kiss of Deception was one of my favorite books top 10 list.

Celebrating 1800s chick lit!

Celebrate national Honey Bee Day! My honey saves and raises BEES! Yay to my honey for the honey from the honey bees!

Excited about the new Mulan live action.

I was worried at first about the changes from one of my favorite Disney Princess movies (I love them all) but I like the ideas and changes for the new movie.   Changing the love interest doesn’t change the story and the evil witch idea fits the favorite underlying themes of our other favorite princesses.  The only sadness is the absence of Mushu!


Grab it’s brother companion book today. Hear it from his point of view.

fey court promo

Celebrating my love for 1700s chick lit!!!

Smart and pretty go together…read ladies!!!!

Happy National Book Lover’s Day!!!!

In the middle of a teen paranormal romance read called “The New Kid” and reading family genealogy documents and Word War Two Journal my grandfather brought home from war…read one, read all! Be versatile!

Enjoy reading and be thankful you can!