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Kissing. And more kissing. And more. And more. That’s how to make her smile. There’s actually scientific evidence on this. Google it.


It was a dark and stormy night…

…and an owl moved the still air with its sinister reminder that the night does not belong to one alone. With each step the crunch of dead leaves left a trail of bread crumbs for any predator to follow. When at last the faintest light made its way through the dense forest…


And you fill in the rest. I did the beginning for you. 🙂

Twain advice. Books that tell us life advice.


More Austen quotatistic advice. This is to the men…when she speaks of you like this, you have her in your pocket. This book is agony in itself for you the reader. Why?…

Because from the very start you feel the pain of both lovers torn apart by listening to others (WHO WERE WRONG, by the way) getting in the way of true love. Maybe it was destiny to be apart for so long (for these two) but you as a reader will side with them till the last page.


Advice from books. This is a newer one, but full of good quotes used well.


Alcott, a girl who knows what a brain on books will do!


A man who wants her to have her happily ever after is one to hold on to, ladies!


Twain Advice. The uneducated don’t know who or how they were taken advantage of…so read on.


Lord of the Rings advice for life. Thank you, Samwise Gamgee!


Amazon Prime Day in progress. Kindle Unlimited great deals ahead.

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