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Kissing. And more kissing. And more. And more. That’s how to make her smile. There’s actually scientific evidence on this. Google it.


It was a dark and stormy night…

…and an owl moved the still air with its sinister reminder that the night does not belong to one alone. With each step the crunch of dead leaves left a trail of bread crumbs for any predator to follow. When at last the faintest light made its way through the dense forest…


And you fill in the rest. I did the beginning for you. 🙂

Where are the devils? Everywhere!!!!


Zombie comic fun


Sweet kitty saves me from zombies


More and More Zombies attacking our world these days.

Alice in Zombieland

If you’d like a sarcasm filled adventure from sweet Alice (who doesn’t stay so sweet), check out Alice in ZOMBIEland.  Fab read.

All About Zombies-Read them All! At your request!

all about zombies

By popular demand, here are a few of the zombie books and series I’ve read and loved. Read on!