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Teaser scene from Orion-Marked Like Me Series


The guy moved over the range and handed me the knives.  He couldn’t know what I could do, he was a Hunter.  I was not!

I nodded and decided to play along with his little game of helping the timid mouse.  At least, that’s how I felt until now.  I pretended to act clumsy with holding only four knives and watched as he instructed me to hold them his way.

“If you’ll put the butt of the knife in your palms and position your body just right to angle them down the range,” he said demonstrating now.  I watched with the best eager expression I could conjure so it seemed I was very interested in what he had to say.  I added nodding in the right places.  His face showed he was enjoying this.  I sideways glanced at some of the faces watching, even from the other ranges.  Tall, fair and handsome was putting on a show and everyone was enjoying his art and my newness.  I say fair because it certainly described his appearance but not his whole package.  Something dark lurked inside.  Maybe just a secret or two, but hidden. It loomed like a cloud above him, making his appearance that of a villain.

I waited very patiently to let him finish.  When he stepped back and threw two knives they hit the yellow inner circle, but not the very center.   Everyone gave an outward praising sigh for his ego and he peacocked up to the challenge.  He turned and walked by brushing my bare shoulder with his fingertips where the sleeves ended and whispered, “Just give it a try.”  Something electric jolted into my arm and hightailed it through my entire body. Something electric and unnameable.

I nodded with no readable expression.  I was good at that too.  But he’d felt it too.  And his face showed it.

One step further up the range I steadied knowing every eye near and most others had stopped to watch.  In fact, the echo within the gym was getting vastly quiet fast.  I held the knives the way I, a left-handed and skilled since the age of five fighter, had learn to hold them from my father many years ago.  I stopped a mere three steps before the wooden barrier where I’d always left the space I needed to torque my body just the perfect angle to release my knives into a target.  Only having to toss four was a cake walk.

I positioned just right, let out my breath like so, relaxed my arms, and…hesitated.  Yes, I hesitated.  They wanted me to fail!  I hid my fear by doing the opposite.  I’ll give my opponent something to remember me by.  I cocked my head, gave my cold green eyes to my enemy, and didn’t intend to blink once until it was all over.

Sucking in my breath, and with my only drawback, my vocal cords, I let out a smooth, swooping motion in a blur of two seconds flat, landing all four smack inside the center of the target.  My eyes never left his face.


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MARCH2014GuardianGREEN  Ian’s POV!

Do the Fey exist? In Grace’s world they do, but she doesn’t know it yet. Her life long friend, Ian, may want more than…just friends. Follow Grace and Ian into the world of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts where she finds that prophecies may choose your destiny but that was before a half human girl come to the throne. Interpretation is half the battle.


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Do the Fey exist? In Grace’s world they do, but she doesn’t know it yet. Her life long friend, Ian, may want more than…just friends. Follow Grace and Ian into the world of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts where she finds that prophecies may choose your destiny but that was before a half human girl come to the throne. Interpretation is half the battle.


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Siphon Cover

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“Repeat thee and lose thee. Sing thee and lose thee.” These are the words that have plagued Lark’s dreams for as long as she can remember, but what do they mean?

Seventeen year old Lark Spur has seen odd things her entire life. She siphons the years from those who are dying, but would rather be rid of such a distasteful magic.
At a young age she realized the peculiar happenings when she would visit her deaf grandmother in the nursing home. Noting that they were associated with her and the other residents, she started to write things down, make notes. The victims even thanked her for lessening their pain on several occasions.
That is, until Dane came to town. Dane’s unsettling stare holding the amused smirk on his face only makes her wonder if he knows…her secret. Every day, he watches her. When he started popping up in places other than school, her fear rose beyond just possible boy stalker.
And worse, when she learns his true identity, she finds he is trouble and 100% part of the same circle of creatures she belongs too. And worse, he is not there to help her, but to take her away. Lark despises him and his hold on the secrets to who she really is. Yes, she had heard of him for years, but she was told to stay far away from him. She tried even now. It didn’t work.

Dane Crawford knows his place. It’s with the Siphon Council which he will soon have a place beside his father, the leader. He has worked hard to get to this level no matter what opposing belief systems he held to his father.
Sent to bring in one of their own, Dane didn’t foresee who, or what she would soon do to change the course of his life forever. She is the one his father has been searching for. The one he fears more than any other siphon.


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Orion on Amazon

Anastacia Anat Hathown is the Valkyrie princess to her own supernatural faction and next in line to lead. Motherless at birth, she sets out to rescue her twin brother from the long time enemies, the Hunters. In fact, all of the factions agreed long ago to be silent enemies, but things have changed. When Anastacia meets another who is marked like her, gets a visit from her dead mother, and meets up with known enemies who profess to follow her if she “follows the destiny” her mother reveals, she has to make decisions in her young life that will affect not just the supernatural factions, but all who exist in this world.


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Welcome To the Arrow Clans

Welcome to the written recollections of the Arrow lycan clans and their tales.  The Arrow clans descended from legends surrounding that of the grey wolves of the Americas in association with the turn of the twentieth century when humans evolved and relocated over from Northern Europe.  It was the age of the warmest climates known to hit land, as well as Apollo and his need for the animal nature that all gods share.  Appointed the animal of his choice, the lycan wolf, sometimes Americanized by humans as a “quickhatch”, symbolized strength and power.  Apollo found it his desire to bring forth the age of man and wolf to one accord.

Inside these archived stories is the discovery that love and war, hate and power, laughter and sadness, all follow the best of us in life.

The Sword Lycan Clan resides in the northern part of the Americas and holds pride in that the opposing forces are tamed to a minimal, meaning vampires.  Whereas the Arrow Lycan Clan is headquartered in the southern corner of the Carolinas where unfavorably, they have been plagued with rivaling forces that continually multiply.  Stationed all over the deep south, the Arrow lycan clans maintain order among the supernatural world and its borders continually angling to join their northern counterparts into more peaceful times.

At one time, human witches were their enemies to what the early Indians termed a quickhatch, or werewolf but more often were allied and simultaneously working together.  They have learned to live in silent protest to one another’s existence though very often ignored and left to die at the hand of another.

Vampires, at present, are the only danger to the human and lycan races.  History had them servants to others before the bloodlust turned to something savage and less human.  That was nearly a decade ago.  Most of Europe has been contained and refuse admittance to harboring the American lycan clans again until it is managed to the same satisfaction.  Allowing them a return sets the continent back, not forward.  Among the skill set of exterminating vampire vermin, the lycans live out their lives with the same emotional pulses that humans partake in with the added drive that their wolf makes them two-dimensional.  Without their wolf and the laws they live by, a lycan cannot survive.   It is for this reason that the first and foremost rule of the clan is to find their mate at the earliest possible.  Man cannot live by man alone.  Incidentally, their bodies will only allow a mating at the age of eighteen, the time an alpha comes into position for taking the role.  All other lycans take the same law, as in accordance to their alpha.  In addition, a female has to be of age thereby making her mate possibly unaware at his crossing.

Without a mate, a lone wolf turns angry and spiteful to his brother.  A lone wolf does not survive.  Wars have been started by them.  Vampires will never be the largest threat to the lycan race.  A lone male wolf is its own worst enemy.