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Free this Friday and Saturday-Vampires, Valkyries, and Werewolves, oh my!

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Anastacia, or Stace, was marked from birth belonging to the Goddess Anat. Her mother launched a balanced plan to create five who would change the tides of the ongoing disputes among the supernatural factions trying to survive in a human world. A prophecy was created to unite them into peace and Stace has to believe she is the one to do that. And what happens when you’re the last to know?

Stace has spent her entire life as the Valkyrie faction court princess. Now sent into a den of Hunter lions by her own father, her goal is find the one who took her twin brother, the heir to her own court. Her obstacles seem few, but there are other cloak-and-dagger factors at work.

Motherless since birth, no one to turn to, resolved to have answers, Stace accepts a Hunter’s aid. Stace’s brother is kept in what they thought was an abandoned warehouse, but soon finds out that the greater the plot thickens, there are more secrets around every corner. It’s guarded by the very Hunters she is now putting her trust in, her own father’s court, and the rumored heartless, evil plotted Vampire faction. Once she has the information she needs, she planned to leave the Hunters and begin a rescue mission, but that doesn’t even come close to the bigger plan she knows nothing about. She didn’t count on Calum Green getting in the way, nor making friends for the first time in her life with supposed enemy strangers who never hesitate to help her in her darkest moments.

And…others are marked like her. A prophecy that holds answers but no advice. What does it all mean? Weres? Vampires? She’s heard of their retributions if crossed the wrong way. Can she conquer this mission or just end up just playing out the fantasy prophecy she doesn’t understand anyway? Or will she uncover the greatest conspiracy the factions have ever held? And no human chose.

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Zombie quotes and such of the day

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Vampire X- Dip into the souls of monsters.

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Zombie book read!

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Okay, not okay by my standards for my teen readers. Plot is fabulous, ideas great.  Dystopian society where, as always, our government screwed up some of their own experiments and BAM, we have a zombiefied nation of the brain eaters and the trying to get away from the brain eaters while trying to solve the problem.

Best part of the book11stuck in a would be (Target) and the rest of the world out there.  A dream come true for many teens.

If a zombie reader fan, will love, if….if you are okay with the rather creepy explicit scene with young teens smack in the middle (pg. 150) where peeping toms and inappropriate actions (by teens) take place among a book that was going just fine without it.  Would have been one of my recommends if that scene had been left out.  Can’t put it on the shelf for that reason.  😦

FREE today on Amazon- Siphon Chronicles

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“Repeat thee and lose thee. Sing thee and lose thee.” These are the words that have plagued Lark’s dreams for as long as she can remember, but what do they mean?

Seventeen year old Lark Spur has seen odd things her entire life. She siphons the years from those who are dying, but would rather be rid of such a distasteful magic.
At a young age she realized the peculiar happenings when she would visit her deaf grandmother in the nursing home. Noting that they were associated with her and the other residents, she started to write things down, make notes. The victims even thanked her for lessening their pain on several occasions.
That is, until Dane came to town. Dane’s unsettling stare holding the amused smirk on his face only makes her wonder if he knows…her secret. Every day, he watches her. When he started popping up in places other than school, her fear rose beyond just possible boy stalker.
And worse, when she learns his true identity, she finds he is trouble and 100% part of the same circle of creatures she belongs too. And worse, he is not there to help her, but to take her away. Lark despises him and his hold on the secrets to who she really is. Yes, she had heard of him for years, but she was told to stay far away from him. She tried even now. It didn’t work.

Dane Crawford knows his place. It’s with the Siphon Council which he will soon have a place beside his father, the leader. He has worked hard to get to this level no matter what opposing belief systems he held to his father.
Sent to bring in one of their own, Dane didn’t foresee who, or what she would soon do to change the course of his life forever. She is the one his father has been searching for. The one he fears more than any other siphon.