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C. S. Lewis and his witticisms make me smile every time. Tea is my first breath of fresh air each day. (Unless it is a coffee kind of day.) :)


Coffee rules!


Zombies and coffee! Or lack thereof…

coffee (2).jpg

Books too!

just after seeing the coffee semi—here are the books to go with it! 


Coffee on the go

Riding THAT coffee trail!  


Crying of spilled…April Fool’s humor #12

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Coffee rules! My New Year Resolution #19


Changed my mind about my resolution…#18


I’ve been going about this all wrong. ¬†COFFEE is the key to success!

Not to make designs in my coffee anymore. #17


New Year List of what not to do–#15


  1. bath the dog that ate your fiance’s blueberry pie off her plate while standing idly in your parents kitchen-this happened to me
  2. hang out with zombies–for it could happen, folks!
  3. buy canned foods that have labels that list “unknown source”
  4. wear these ridiculous emoji clothes with little brown plops of poop on them–I have a student who wears this weekly
  5. make your much needed coffee in the break room during the Christmas party–someone will take it mistakenly thinking it was part of the goods