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Bad boys in the classics—my cup of tea. Gaskell awesomeness!

Another Edith…my favorite and equal to Austen if not better.

A man knows when he first touches a woman he can’t live without. He stumbles as much.

Advice to ponder…what if we just relaxed….

Love…true love…is content. All the rest is the ride you take together. Edith Wharton quotes come alive!

Edith Wharton advice-no matter how…spread your light and make a mark on the world

Paint night was awesome! Share the love this Valentine’s Day!

Why deny what is fate? Goblin’s Kiss series on Amazon.


Why deny what is fate?

Emma has a secret. A power she cannot control.

Ames Cahn is not good. He has a past.


Destiny Quotes-Fey Court Trilogy

Sometimes one’s destiny is intertwined with another’s so much that you cannot change it no matter what you do.img_6291-4

Vampire X Free today on Amazon-Darkness is easy when there is an eternity of it.

Vampire X Book 7-11Rock quote 3

Vampire X-Book Set Free this week on Amazon

Rock quote 3