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YA Romance and adventure in one!


Smart and pretty go together…read ladies!!!!

Vampire X-Grab it on Amazon

Vampire X Book SPREAD

A woman knows where her heart is even when denied. -Edith Gaskell knows her stuff, ladies!!!!

Swoon worthy read ladies! Teen girls who love Sparks and Green…give Gaskell a peek.

Oh, by the way, I am posting this on my birthday in hopes to inspire young ladies to read those books that inspired others. I know they “re-inspire” me each time I revisit them.

Knowing bad in the world exists and seeing it firsthand are two very different beasts to conquer in one’s mind. -Kara Vampire My World

Vampire X Book 7-11

Fey Court Deception-Find out how it all started.

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Vampire X. Read how it all started.

Vampire X Book 7-11

FEY Court Trilogy in a set! Get it now!

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Amazon Prime Day in progress. Kindle Unlimited great deals ahead.

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