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Shakespeare–To thine own self…

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Free this Friday and Saturday! Deception- Book One in Fey Court Trilogy.

fey court promoquote about kin

Deception Free on Amazon- Link Here

Utopia…Dystopia…we are all fascinated with what could be.

Utopia…Dystopia…we are all fascinated with what could be.  Here is a look at a few musical adaptions of the idea.  A great playlist I’ve already added to  the “to be listened to” list for the next few weeks.

Dystopian/Utopian Songlist

Another Dystopian List-Newer Music

It seems our current generation in the classroom is obsessed with the idea with “Hunger Games”, “Divergent”, and “Maze Runner” at the top of their movie lists to see.  Who knows, maybe it will help to better society.  Let’s hope it doesn’t give the abled populous ideas to use as media as it so often shows to be a predictive outcome of what’s to come for the world.  Every empire in history lasted around two hundred fifty years.  America…do the math.    

Gargoyle now available on iTunes and Kobo!

Gargoyle now available on iTunes and Kobo!

The Hyde Chronicles
Because a little Jekyll Hydes in all of us!

Young Adult Paranormal Fiction -with a splash of romance!

GARGOYLE Book Release

GARGOYLE Book Release

Gargoyle releases tomorrow. Teen Paranormal Fiction stand alone.

Snow has always felt her life was out of place, jagged like the rocks of a cliff never escaping the whip of the wind. Months after her parents’ death, sudden changes make her world flip flop. And more, the next day gave proof to her lifelong questions. She was right. Nothing is ever as it seemed.
Being able to read a person’s entire lifeline is disturbing. Having another read your own is worse. Ancient magic courses through Snow’s veins. And she is not the only one. Hyde Parker resurfaces from her past to protect against those who would hurt her for the power she holds, but even he has an ulterior motive that has nothing to do with just saving her life.
Snow and Hyde’s destinies were intertwined so long ago, so much that neither think it is an accident. Of course, he knows the truth. And he will do anything to keep the other guardians from taking her.

Paranormal Quote of the Week

Paranormal Quote of the Week

As with all novels, there is an evil queen. This one may not be sincerely paranormal, but it is in it’s own right. Great series.
Ode to female villains!