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A cold St. Patrick’s Day coming

Wear GREEN, but stay warm!

Zombie Time


Old but always funny zombie humor


Zombie Teacher teach????


On the tire again…but Pokemon Go didn’t work on this one!

Last week I shared a discovery at the dentist office. A man put his keys on his tire and walked off with an obvious onlooker.

Well today, I had another tire discover though my Pokemon Go didn’t work on this animal pop up!  


Summer Funnies


Summer Funnies #27


Summer Funnies #25


All About the Love


The hope for a librarian! #18




Hopefully, a librarian takes the job to encourage reading, right? Librarians should have a book list of what they’ve read across many genres and a general openness for speaking to others. It seems in my day I’ve seen some pretty sorry examples. No one, no matter what they read, if they are asking for a book, should be turned away empty-handed because of lack of care. And it should be a general rule that a librarian make available a plethora of genres current to the popular public in demand or make a waiting list that grows excitement in the reader, not a generalized statement that indicates “we don’t have that book” and insinuating it isn’t housed at all. Logic, here.