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On the tire again…but Pokemon Go didn’t work on this one!

Last week I shared a discovery at the dentist office. A man put his keys on his tire and walked off with an obvious onlooker.

Well today, I had another tire discover though my Pokemon Go didn’t work on this animal pop up!  


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The hope for a librarian! #18




Hopefully, a librarian takes the job to encourage reading, right? Librarians should have a book list of what they’ve read across many genres and a general openness for speaking to others. It seems in my day I’ve seen some pretty sorry examples. No one, no matter what they read, if they are asking for a book, should be turned away empty-handed because of lack of care. And it should be a general rule that a librarian make available a plethora of genres current to the popular public in demand or make a waiting list that grows excitement in the reader, not a generalized statement that indicates “we don’t have that book” and insinuating it isn’t housed at all. Logic, here.

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