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Why deny what is fate? Goblin’s Kiss series on Amazon.


Why deny what is fate?

Emma has a secret. A power she cannot control.

Ames Cahn is not good. He has a past.


He’s my breath of fresh air and I am his oxygen. Fey Court Trilogy

He’s my breath of fresh air and I am his oxygen.  It’s like when you finally kiss a man you can’t live without the taste of, you find out that oxygen is just a tool you use to take breaks between living around and without each other throughout the parts of the day.  I can’t live without him. img_6291-4

Goblin’s Kiss-Eternally Yours with one kiss! Free Today on Amazon

Does Emma have a choice? Did he offer her one before he gave that fateful kiss? Read to find out.

denial half cover initial

It’s all about the love month #20


Free on Amazon this week-Goblin’s Kiss

Denial promo

Amazon link to Free DENIAL, Book One of Goblin’s Kiss Series

YIELD releases tomorrow

YIELD releases tomorrow

Yield, Book 2 of Goblin’s Kiss, releases tomorrow. Find out the exciting conclusion to Ames and Emma’s future and whether she will become queen or meet the same future her mother and others before her did.

Paranormal Quote of the Week

Paranormal Quote of the Week

So this isn’t paranormal, but the book is soooo good.

Who wouldn’t want to be kissed like that???