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See how it all started. Vampire twist-Is that how the vampire legend evolved into reality? Siphon Chronicles


It was a dark and stormy night…” Advice for your next read. Someone asked me to list all the books that start with the line. So here goes one a day for the month of August–back to school month.

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Tolkien always makes a person challenge their own belief system…make new decisions, outlooks, and philosophies on life.

There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.

– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

I solemnly swear…


Fey Court Trilogy


Fey Court Trilogy -magical worlds are all around

Will miss you Snape!


Free on Amazon today-Book One of Under Chronicles


Kali Styx was sent to a boarding school across the country where she knows absolutely no one, but goes because she is determined to be with her own kind. Things are going well at first. She has friends. Classes are fun until strange things start happening. They have always happened, her friends say. But she’s the first to say anything about it. Or so she thought.
Her father is the dean. Her mother whom she never met…dead. She was told she was the product of half human/half angel with the strongest power to rule over her future if she gets control of her powers. But with so many lies starting to come alight at the Styx Gifted Institute where her father seemingly holds all the cards, she can’t help but ask why she was really brought here.
Hayes Under, the darkly wicked level ten in her class has his say in her life on a daily basis whether it’s nice or not. He has the ability to block her famous spells and get under her skin at every turn. Webb Travis, who seems so angry all the time, has the same abilities and no one else seems to notice the way he hides it.
They are both the same in some way, yet so different. Webb was sent to keep her safe. Hayes was brought up from birth with the sole purpose to cage her into her father’s web. She knows none of this.

Her father is not who she thought for so many years. He is not an angel either. He is…the angel. He is one they call Lucifer. And he’s here on earth to watch over his own until she accepts her reign and takes her place with him. She’s not to come alone and daddy has the one he wants already picked out.
Hayes is your all around boy next door, NOT! He is anything but…under the cover of night he is someone else altogether. Webb is determined to save her from something she does not know exists yet. He cares, that much is obvious. Kali is not going to let any of these guys see her sweat. They fool the rest, but not her. How will she elude Hayes? Deny Webb? And defy “daddy”?

The meaning of good would be lost without the existence of evil.

Jinn Bejeweled-Free on Friday the 13th

Jinn Bejeweled

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Jinn Forever series is a branch off of the Vampire X:

(Jinn Forever)  Spin back into the world of the characters you love from Vampire X as they reappear inside the world of the jinn.  As the two worlds collide, more opportunities for the supernatural world unite to live among the world of humans and even perhaps one day may live in one accord.


Never offer to be a slave to otherworldly creatures that turn out to be vicious tricksters.

Never marry a stranger…even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal jinn who only wants your body, but not for anything wonderful like desire, but rather so he can take the form of a human and wreak havoc on the earth while you’re locked away in his love haven prison. 

And most importantly…never turn your back on the spirit form of a jinn, also known in many circles as a demon, when you’re hiding a magical pendant in your pocket that calls up his current residence. 

Happy Halloween Treat!

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