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Scorch Trials–Book to Movie–Zombies!

Alright!  To me the book series seems adventurous.  The storyline is great with a few dead spots in between that as a girl were catered to the guy readers, but I loved the themes behind it and the intricate plot ( the big idea behind the whole–for which I’m not spoiling).  The reader is completely entranced in book three trying to figure out how America got in this mess and what they are doing to get out.

Now the movie.  Fabulous “scary movie”.  I say this because it seems the book series is more of an adventure and the movie more a horror flick with a better plot twist than others.  I absolutely love both and will read and watch again if not to pick apart why I like both for different reasons.

Sum it up—

Book- adventurous, Dystopian earth trying to save itself!

Movie-scary horror with a better plot twist than an other !

Enjoy both.