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Happy National Violin Day!

Def Leppard rocked the house in Memphis tonight!

Shakespeare has it right about music. Me…to a tee!!!

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Shakespeare and love and music. All great in combination.

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Love lyrics…

All About the Love


Music is the food of my soul! REALLY! November Thankful Fun # 11


Without it…I would go insane.  I eat, read, write, teach, and pass the time with my music playing ALL the time.

Utopia…Dystopia…we are all fascinated with what could be.

Utopia…Dystopia…we are all fascinated with what could be.  Here is a look at a few musical adaptions of the idea.  A great playlist I’ve already added to  the “to be listened to” list for the next few weeks.

Dystopian/Utopian Songlist

Another Dystopian List-Newer Music

It seems our current generation in the classroom is obsessed with the idea with “Hunger Games”, “Divergent”, and “Maze Runner” at the top of their movie lists to see.  Who knows, maybe it will help to better society.  Let’s hope it doesn’t give the abled populous ideas to use as media as it so often shows to be a predictive outcome of what’s to come for the world.  Every empire in history lasted around two hundred fifty years.  America…do the math.    

Musical Muse-What music does for your writing.

Musical Muse Music guides my mood. Always has, always will. After fifteen years of teaching, it is prevalent in much of the teens of today too. I’ve even gone so far as to test different music selections on free writing days to see what kind of results it gets. It’s a fun test of the minds and warrants so many different possibilities. Fast, dramatic “car chase” music as I call it, will most often result in the guys typing ninety to nothing. Turn on a little Titanic, the soundtrack, in the background and the girls get dreamy and the ideas start flowing. As with me, it depends of the part of the story I’m typing at the moment as to what playlist I download to play. Some music apps even have premade lists that get the ideas flowing and often I find a song to add to another playlist. A character’s traits and demeanor sometimes play into the list chosen. What about the finale? Like a good drama on television, the music picks up, you edge to the corner of the sofa, your eyes refuse to blink until the moment you’ve waited for booms across your surround sound. That’s what music does to a story on the pages of a book. So why not play music when you write…or read your favorite book? Pick a tempo that fits with the plot at each given moment or chapter in a book and try it.

Best Album ever!

Best Album ever!

I love to listen to this album when I write. It’s the best.