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Resolutions for the new year–nah…I’m perfect the way I am.


If exercise is your resolution…here is your funny.


New Year Resolution-To lie more #28


New Year Resolution for the tube-#26


I will watch every 80’s and 90’s favorite I loved from start to finish.  Hmm!  Well, while skipping the shows I hating in each season.

To read–New Year Resolution #27


I will read every Bradbury and Poe story I can get my hands on (net) before the year ends.

It’s officially a goal!  And I’ve read many already.


In 2016 I will not…

  1. get headaches from annoying people
  2. bite my tongue when needed
  3. send too many emojies to my mom to annoy her
  4. read stupid facts about worthless knowledge I could have lived without
  5. buy ANOTHER pair of gloves to replace all the rest I lose–give up already
  6. lose ANOTHER cell phone charger-too many to keep count now
  7. put up another Christmas tree without pre-lit lights (This one I’m sure of)
  8. mow they grass after it rains
  9. mow over an ant bed on a dry weather day
  10. eat the dark grapes–I think something was alive in it (gave it to hubby)

Comic fun-My New Year Humor # 23


Books to read-on the New Year agenda #22


Good changes for the new year. #21


Coffee rules! My New Year Resolution #19