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November Fun Thanks # 27 Black Friday sales HERE I COME

I am thankful for the zombie shot I got last week. November Fun #23

So glad I am immune to catching it now!

*Sad face* I don’t feel very thankful for… #20


10. income taxes

9. School duties

8. broken roller coasters

7. the last bite of my favorite cookie

6. my dying refrigerator

5. that there isn’t another Harry Potter I haven’t read

4. Vampires aren’t real *double sad face*

3. zombies can’t devour my enemies

2. it’s not my birthday EVERY day

1. the BROKEN Frappe machine (life must stop and wait for the repairing to begin)

Thankful for deadlines! YES, you heard me right! November Fun #17

Without deadlines, I’d still be on vacation.  WHAT???  Someone’s confused!

Thanks for not my passions, mom! Love you. #15

Thankful that Christmas is almost here! # 14

I have my list complete, now all I have to do is wait for Black Friday!!! 🙂

Thankful I do not have to HUNT my dinner! November Fun #12

Thankful for Hay Day! Why???

Because it lowers stress.  Yes!  That’s what I tell myself.

So thankful I can give my friends ALL they want! On Hay Day. November Fun # 9


Pancakes are made out of all healthy ingredients!!! Boy, am I thankful! # 8

We all have to live in a fictitious world…mine is made of completely healthy TASTY pancakes!