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Thankful for–Zombies aren’t real…although the diagram below…November Fun 7

…makes me wonder.  There are too many that fit this description a little TOO closely in our world today!

Thankful Mindcraft is currently still make-believe! November Fun #6

Thankful my money tree died because. #5

I wouldn’t want to be a spoiled, inconsiderate rich person who has all they need and still  _________.  (You fill in the blank here.  You know what I mean!!!)

Thankful there isn’t such a creature as below! November Fun #4

Poltergeists are NOT real, are they?

November Fun #2-Chocolate is my fuel! And so thankful for the Aztecs!

Fill me UP!  Though…they say the Aztecs drink it like a alcoholic beverage.  I think WE have it all wrong now.

November is “What are you thankful for” month. Get on board.