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Now that’s funny-a great idea for New Years. #10


Coffee IS a New Years Resolution-Drink more #8


Coffee and my honey make the greatest days!

New Years Humor #7-Revising and More Revising


New Years Resolutions I don’t intend to keep #4


  1. Read War and Peace
  2. Buy a floor length fur coat like my grandma owned
  3. Watch Polar Express eleven times like we did last year-no! ¬†won’t happen
  4. Eat a random animal that someone calls a delicacy
  5. Ride in a tank with the cover on because someone said it would be fun
  6. Dress up like Tinkerbell and go to Disney World
  7. Fly my drone in the teacher’s classroom who keeps a flyswatter on her desk at all times–it happens, I promise!

New Year’s Humor #3

333614.gifHow many of us is this an accurate prediction in this new year and all before?

If this is day one…I’m doomed. New Year Res. Humor # 1


And your New Year’s resolution is…Share it.