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Edith Wharton advice to the world…always keep your mind open.


Shakespeare-beauty and love and love at first sight!

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Shakespeare has it right about music. Me…to a tee!!!

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Shakespeare at its best!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love!

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See how it all started. Vampire twist-Is that how the vampire legend evolved into reality? Siphon Chronicles


Siphon this trilogy up! On KU

Paint night was awesome! Share the love this Valentine’s Day!

Deception. Fey Court Trilogy on Amazon

Do the Fey exist? In Grace’s world they do, but she doesn’t know it yet. Her life long friend, Ian, may want more than…just friends. Follow Grace and Ian into the world of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts where she finds that prophecies may choose your destiny but that was before a half human girl come to the throne. Interpretation is half the battle.img_6291-4

Life advice from Hemingway.


More Austen quotatistic advice. This is to the men…when she speaks of you like this, you have her in your pocket. This book is agony in itself for you the reader. Why?…

Because from the very start you feel the pain of both lovers torn apart by listening to others (WHO WERE WRONG, by the way) getting in the way of true love. Maybe it was destiny to be apart for so long (for these two) but you as a reader will side with them till the last page.