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More tales written from “It was a dark and stormy night” brought together into one novel.

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Don’t Look Below!


Found this in a women’s restroom!

 I looked up in the women’s restroom of a gas station in the middle of Alabama somewhere while driving across the state–and saw this. The word duel it insinuated that it was a speaker but it was hard to tell. After googling it looks as if it is. At least I sure hope so. 

Does Santa visit haunted houses too? Holiday Humor #16


Unlucky 13! Thankful this number isn’t that way for me…so far.

And thankful I WAS the oldest and never blamed.  My younger sister, however, ALWAYS was.  (evil laugh inserted here)

Thankful for–Zombies aren’t real…although the diagram below…November Fun 7

…makes me wonder.  There are too many that fit this description a little TOO closely in our world today!

Thankful there isn’t such a creature as below! November Fun #4

Poltergeists are NOT real, are they?

Halloween Fun #28- Tolkien Quote

Genies and Halloween Fun # 27

Halloween pictures to make you laugh-Halloween #18