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Fairy Tales redone-What about the nursery rhymes origins–redone! Grab a copy free this weekend.


Vampire X-Grab it on Amazon

Vampire X Book SPREAD

Vampires in short story form compiled just for the off and on reader. Enjoy!

Vampire X on the web. Vampire X series on Amazon.

Great read-old tales! If you like Greek mythology and want a few fast reads. Common Core related.

greek stories cover



Great for the classroom, seen in Common Core in various places, great additives to units with needed themes. Here are a few of my favorites to help you out.

Variations of “star-crossed” doomed love-Pyramus and Thisbe,¬†Orpheus and Eurydice

“Girl Power” and then not some-The Calydonian Hunt, Atalanta’s Race

Sacrifice of one for the greater good (I teach this with my Cold Equations Scifi short story by Tom Godwin/Spock takes a spotlight here.) – Prometheus, Alcestis

To read–New Year Resolution #27


I will read every Bradbury and Poe story I can get my hands on (net) before the year ends.

It’s officially a goal! ¬†And I’ve read many already.


Mary Never Had a Lamb…won first place! Yah!

Mary Never Had a Lamb...won first place!  Yah!

First place out of 163 entries, “Mary Never Had a Lamb, She Was the Lamb” won first place in a romance short story contest hosted by an online writing contest. I am so excited and humbled!