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See how it all started. Vampire twist-Is that how the vampire legend evolved into reality? Siphon Chronicles


A Beautiful soul in a dark world. Siphon Chronicles


Siphon Chronicles- A beautiful soul in a dark world.


Siphon Chronicles-Vampires of the unusual


Siphon Chronicles-good and evil meet and greet and fall in love


Siphon Chronicles. One dark soul…

Free on Amazon today-Siphon Chronicles-Sucking the Life Right out of you!

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Siphon Series-Sucking the Life Right out of you!

Sucking the Life Right out of You!

The Siphon series is a convoluted paranormal take on the idea that humans messed with the makeup and altered a small insignificant group into something unnatural–not vampires.  Based on the old tales of how a few tuberculous victims tried to save their families in the late 1800’s with digging up their dead and….

you’ll have to read to find out!  Enjoy the rest of your hump day night.  It is not long till midnight you night owls.  

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Book Three is scheduled for release in 2016.  Book One Free on Nov. 20th-ALL DAY!

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