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Vampire X Memphis Crew came out this Christmas

Free today on Amazon-vampires and shifters who rule all around us


Orion on Amazon

Anastacia Anat Hathown is the Valkyrie princess to her own supernatural faction and next in line to lead. Motherless at birth, she sets out to rescue her twin brother from the long time enemies, the Hunters. In fact, all of the factions agreed long ago to be silent enemies, but things have changed. When Anastacia meets another who is marked like her, gets a visit from her dead mother, and meets up with known enemies who profess to follow her if she “follows the destiny” her mother reveals, she has to make decisions in her young life that will affect not just the supernatural factions, but all who exist in this world.

Free today on Amazon-Denial

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Book One in the Goblin’s Kiss Series

FREE Friday and Saturday this weekend

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Genies are such a great find! WISH I had one…

Jinn Bejeweled on Amazon

Jinn Bejeweled

Denial-Free this Friday and Saturday on Amazon.

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Denial Amazon Link

Goblin’s Kiss Book Set-Two Book Series

Vampire X- Free a monster’s soul!

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Vampire X on Amazon

Vampire For Hire is Book one in the series and the start of it all.  This is a set of the first three books in the series.  Meet Drake and Lexlie as they embark on the first edges of love for those who thought it never possible.

Vampire X Free this Friday

Vampire X Book 7-11

Vampire X on Amazon

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Start from the beginning.  This volume includes the first three books in the series. Click here for Amazon link: Vampire X: The Beginning

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New Release in 2014

New Release in 2014

Releases January 2014 Exciting continuation of Anastacia Anat and how the gods seem to rule us no matter what we do to alter the events of fate.

Daughter of Anat is out!

Daughter of Anat is out!

The exciting story continues of Stace and the now four men who will help her save the supernatural world from extinction. Read on!