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Self Esteem! It means everything. Thank WHOEVER for making me ME! #16

November Fun # 14 Defining THANKFUL!

Thankful that Christmas is almost here! # 14

I have my list complete, now all I have to do is wait for Black Friday!!! 🙂

Music is the food of my soul! REALLY! November Thankful Fun # 11


Without it…I would go insane.  I eat, read, write, teach, and pass the time with my music playing ALL the time.

Pancakes are made out of all healthy ingredients!!! Boy, am I thankful! # 8

We all have to live in a fictitious world…mine is made of completely healthy TASTY pancakes!

November is “What are you thankful for” month. Get on board.

November Fun-Thankful for garlic because…

The fact that vampires are really averted to garlic because I really like garlic!!!!