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My Top Ten Books Read in High School-WHAT DID YOU READ IN HIGH SCHOOL that made an impact on you?

My Top Ten Books Read in High School

(Plus the start of it all in grade school)

  1. And Then there Were None-Christie
  2. The Bad Seed-March
  3. Arsenic and Old Lace-Kesselring
  4. Romeo and Juliet-Shakespeare
  5. Macbeth-Shakespeare
  6. The Odyssey-Homer
  7. The Pearl-Steinbeck
  8. Little House on the Prairie-Wilder
  9. The Great Gatsby-Fitzgerald
  10. Taming of the Shrew-Shakespeare

How did they impact me?  Agatha Christie inspired me to write and to be original and deceptive and crazy and interesting.  The Bad Seed and Arsenic and Old Lace (from Theatre class) were absolute foundations for drama and solving a good mystery should be the spice of life with every day you live. Shakespeare is just plain fun to read aloud, especially with exaggerated dramatic effect. The Odyssey makes me want to walk out the front door and spontaneously go anywhere. (My husband and I did often before children.) The Pearl made me appreciate people for who they are and love that we are all different. Jay Gatsby and Romeo make a young girl swoon and look forward to one day falling in love.  And lastly, The Little House on the Prairie was the first chapter book I ever read.  Thank you Ms. Winner, my second grade teacher from Mesquite, Texas, Range Elementary.


In 2016 I will not…

  1. get headaches from annoying people
  2. bite my tongue when needed
  3. send too many emojies to my mom to annoy her
  4. read stupid facts about worthless knowledge I could have lived without
  5. buy ANOTHER pair of gloves to replace all the rest I lose–give up already
  6. lose ANOTHER cell phone charger-too many to keep count now
  7. put up another Christmas tree without pre-lit lights (This one I’m sure of)
  8. mow they grass after it rains
  9. mow over an ant bed on a dry weather day
  10. eat the dark grapes–I think something was alive in it (gave it to hubby)

Top Three New Years Resolutions-or maybe not! #6

  1. Dress up as a clown and pretend to promote something on the side of the road–Do you know how many fake organizations there are out there, people?
  2. Bake a cake–Not!  Did you know that a cake mix, mixed with oil and eggs makes cookies instead?  And only a dollar!
  3. Eat monkey brains–Did you know it could actually hurt you, they (Do not know who THEY are, but who cares) say?

New Years Resolutions I don’t intend to keep #4


  1. Read War and Peace
  2. Buy a floor length fur coat like my grandma owned
  3. Watch Polar Express eleven times like we did last year-no!  won’t happen
  4. Eat a random animal that someone calls a delicacy
  5. Ride in a tank with the cover on because someone said it would be fun
  6. Dress up like Tinkerbell and go to Disney World
  7. Fly my drone in the teacher’s classroom who keeps a flyswatter on her desk at all times–it happens, I promise!

Top Ten Things to be Thankful For If an Idealist in this Crazy World #22

10. Venus Fly Traps (only 10 bucks on Amazon.  Really!)

9. gnomes-own tons of them-go ahead

8. pork brains–they are in a can in a store near you

7. sunglasses that double as a bottle opener

6. colored toilet paper-yes, it exists (look below)

5. scented duct tape

4. candy machine dispenser for your kitchen

3. Spam and more Spam (my grandfather lived off it in WW2-no thank you)

2. Bacon flavored mayo

  1. tofu flavored hot dogs (yep!)