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Werewolves are the answer!


Quotes to love

Not sure who to give credit here, but love this poetic quote of true love. b908fd35a96688a02bdedde91bcf264c.jpg

Why our younger generations fail to find mates! LOL


Never Moon a Werewolf! Good Advice.


We are all monsters.


Not vampires or werewolves, but quotable!


The Quotable Vampire


The Quotable Werewolf


Howling at the Moon Month

Free This Saturday on Amazon-Orion, book one


Orion on Amazon

Anastacia Anat Hathown is the Valkyrie princess to her own supernatural faction and next in line to lead. Motherless at birth, she sets out to rescue her twin brother from the long time enemies, the Hunters. In fact, all of the factions agreed long ago to be silent enemies, but things have changed. When Anastacia meets another who is marked like her, gets a visit from her dead mother, and meets up with known enemies who profess to follow her if she “follows the destiny” her mother reveals, she has to make decisions in her young life that will affect not just the supernatural factions, but all who exist in this world.