Stoker advice

“Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring.”
Bram Stoker

Still after 18 years! I wish more people thought this.

The meaning of good would be lost without the existence of evil. Read more in the Under Chronicles. Free this weekend on Amazon

under chronicles covers2

Want to feel old? It’s been 20 years since the first ‘Harry Potter’ was published. – The Washington Post

Advice as to what we imagine to happen and what really happens. Or…what you want to happen.

“Of course there must be lots of magic in the world but people don’t know what it is like or how to make it. Perhaps the beginning is just to say nice things are going to happen until you make them happen.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.

~ Dalai Lama XIV

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