Advice from books. This is a newer one, but full of good quotes used well.


Fun book quote for all us adults who don’t feel like “adulting” today. And for my daddy, if he were alive today, would laugh at my thoughts for they are right on~!

(Today would have been my daddy’s 69th birthday. Vietnam and agent orange and cancer took him from us.”)


Yes, you are right, Jane! Austen logic at its best!


It was dark and stormy night…A Wrinkle in Time. Book advice.


Sometimes we need a vibrant soul to show us our own. “The Book Thief” advice column of life.


C. S. Lewis and his witticisms make me smile every time. Tea is my first breath of fresh air each day. (Unless it is a coffee kind of day.) :)


Alcott, a girl who knows what a brain on books will do!


A man who wants her to have her happily ever after is one to hold on to, ladies!