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Free this weekend on Amazon-YA series

Alternating views. Goblin’s Kiss two-book series.

Siphon Chronicles-where good meets evil and beyond.


Werewolves are the answer!


Fey Court Trilogy-Fairy Tales really do come true.


Siphon Chronicles- A beautiful soul in a dark world.


Under Chronicles-Good and evil team up!

under chronicles covers

Siphon Chronicles-Vampires of the unusual


Destiny Quotes-Fey Court Trilogy

Sometimes one’s destiny is intertwined with another’s so much that you cannot change it no matter what you do.img_6291-4

Fey Court Trilogy-A guy’s smile can say a thousand words.

The difference is in each of their smiles.  Ian has that boyish sweet smile that says I’m dangerous, but good.  Pike’s smile says I’m all bad boy but I want to show you I can be good.  And Kin is all devil smile with a hint of secret ambition behind every lip curve.  Jane Austen doesn’t know everything!


Fey Court Trilogy Teaser scene

“What is a betrothing ceremony?” I asked innocently enough assuming is was just another court ritual for joining up.

Behind me Ian cleared his throat.  I glanced back not having seen him arrive.  He seemed even more uneasy than just seconds ago so I turned back to the queen to be sure she wasn’t throwing out evil vibes.   The queen wasn’t bothered by anything I’d said the whole morning, so when she said this next tidbit of information, she had the same semi-bored look she’d held superiorly well.

“You will promise to become his bride.”

She said what?  Bride?  What?  This is not happening.  I closed my eyes.  I’d just promised myself to keep my composure, but this is not the fairy tale proposal for marriage I’d envisioned when I watched Cinderella as a little girl.  Another stolen moment in front of the parental had me screaming in my head for Ian to control his mother.

Ian touched my shoulder and cleared his throat.

“I don’t know what to say.”   Married?  I couldn’t wrap my head around that one.  I pictured myself getting married at twenty-something, not now, living in a suburb, but later, and carpooling to work.  That was reality.   In my dreams, I pictured Ian taking me far away to some distant land and living like a fairy tale with happily ever after.  But this wasn’t the plan.  Did my mom know about this part?

Queen Lazyra pointed to Ian, “You didn’t give her much information to start with my son.”

“Yes, my queen.  This girl has, well, a way of freezing my tongue.  I tried.” He blushed.

That was his attempt at hidden meanings without having to say something too personal in front of me or his mother.  No wonder he worried over his mother for years, she’s the devil’s twin.